A key component of success, effectiveness and efficiency of any enterprise is its End User Computing (ECU) environment.  The choice of the most appropriate end point devices (PCs, notebooks, tablets, smart phones)  and their ongoing management and support is critical. Astron Technology has a proud history of specialisation in all aspects of EUC.

From procurement of devices through to a full End Point as a Service (EaaS) solution, we have the capability to address every aspect of the life cycle of your endpoint devices. Our deep knowledge base, highly trained and experienced staff can assist with design through implementation and ongoing support in all aspects of managing your end point devices.  We also offer the following specific End User Computing services.

End User Computing Services

Integration and Deployment

Astron Technology can not only supply all your End Point device requirements. We can also manage the integration and rollout of your new equipment, providing a cost-effective service for the deployment and removal of the old in one seamless process. Our pre-deployment services are designed to ensure you can meet the most rigorous requirements for a specific rollout project or tight delivery SLAs for ad-hoc movements of both new and used equipment. We are able to store the equipment prior to dispatch/installation,  capturing asset details as the equipment is received into our warehouse, performing systems integration, software installation or hardware upgrades and ensuring dispatch according to the project requirements or SLAs. 

Asset Management and Redeployment

We can remove equipment that you have temporarily finished using, capture full details of the equipment in our Asset Management system, store it, load your latest SOE image and clean or upgrade it. We deliver the equipment anywhere in the country and reinstall it for you in the new location. We offer asset management and reuse services based around four key capabilities:  our asset management system, storage facilities, integration centre and country-wide and overseas logistics capability. By combining these, we can offer a comprehensive, flexible service that helps you extend the asset lifecycle of your equipment and substantially reduce your costs. 

Renewal and Removal Services

When it's time to refresh your IT equipment, we'll do as much, or as little, as necessary to fit in with your projects and requirements for managing assets on-site. We can manage the rollout, delivering equipment on-site, unpacking and installing it at the user’s desk or a data centre rack and at the same time decommissioning and/or removing the packing and equipment being replaced. We make sure your data is secured, backing up user files if necessary before performing a disk wipe using tools certified by the US Department of Defence. To minimise disruption, we can take custody of the equipment and bring it back to our integration centre to perform the disk wipe. Of course, we guarantee the job is done properly and provide data destruction certification for each system.

Decommissioning and Disposal

We treat the sanitisation of systems and deletion of client data seriously and understand the sensitive nature of this function.  Not only is client specific data a concern, but there may be software licensing issues associated with operating systems or applications left on a client’s assets. We provide 100% guaranteed secure data destruction using various methods including data wiping software, hard drive degaussing and physical shredding facilities. In addition to disk wiping, all client-related information, such as asset stickers or identifying labels, can be removed during the sanitisation process. We work to the highest global standards of data destruction which ensures that your brand and data is respected and protected. We provide a signed Data Wipe Certificate stating the asset serial number, description and the date/time the data sanitisation was performed.

Maximum value for old equipment

Often businesses do not have the experience, time or resources to manage the disposal of assets. We take responsibility for disposal, including sale of marketable assets, with the aim of providing maximum recovery for our clients to environmentally safe disposal of assets with a zero market value. We sell your refurbished products direct to dealers, resellers and end users which allow us to sell quickly and gain the highest possible return for you. Our global relationships ensures a greater reach when matching your refurbished IT equipment to the most suitable buyer. Prior to resale each asset is cleaned, tested, securely data wiped and re-packaged. All identifying stickers and asset tracking numbers are removed. We make sure that 100% of your data is wiped from all of your data bearing IT and electronic assets before it is resold.

Complete e-waste disposal solutions

If there is no further useable value in the equipment we can ensure it is environmentally recycled in processes that meet best international standards. We offer e-waste recycling services, using specialist e-waste recyclers that are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Since it is a better outcome for the environment, we arrange for re-use of equipment first wherever possible, either as fully working systems or for parts. Items with no further use go through a ‘used electronic waste’(e-Waste) recycling process as prescribed under the Federal Hazardous Waste Act of 1989 and the guidelines of the Basel Convention (1994). Processing complies with Australian Local, State and Federal laws and is conducted in an environmentally controlled way, eliminating or waste to landfill. A certificate of disposal with accompanying detailed report is provided.


Astron Technology's  EaaS (Endpoint as a Service) can tranform the way you purchase and manage every aspect of your endpoint enviroment making the headaches of ownership and management of desktops, laptops, tablets and hand held devices a thing of the past.  

EaaS allows you total operational and financial flexibility with all hardware, software and services being charged on a per user/device cost per month on a single invoice.  SLA driven services, customised from an à la carte menu of services, ensure EaaS is tailored exactly to your current business requiremements.  EaaS provides complete lifecycle management of your end user device fleet  handling everything from acquistion, deployment, SOE, security and application standards through to maintenance and ultimately decomissioning and disposal. 

The development of EaaS is the culmination of Astron Technology's two decades of experience servicing the endpoint needs of some of Australia's largest and most demanding organisations. For more information on how EaaS can solve your endpoint headaches please contact us today at 1300 659 270 or