Whether you are installing new systems, expanding, upgrading, or simply trying to smooth your Data Centre system management functions, Astron Technology can provide the knowledge and expertise to help you get to where you want to go.

We work closely with many of the major vendors and other datacentre solution specialists. Our designs can enhance your business capabilities and include solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco Systems, Lenovo, Dell/EMC, NetApp, VMware, Veeam and Veritas. Our deep knowledge base, highly trained and experienced staff can assist with design through implementation and ongoing support in areas including: Compute, Storage, Network, Converged Systems and Backup & Archive.

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At Astron Technology we understand that when it comes to IT infrastructure one size does not fit all. Traditional approaches of adding more hosts, more servers, and more blades have worked well in the past. However moving into the future, organizations are demanding more from IT – and with fewer resources! While traditional compute does have its place, a hybrid approach often will deliver increased return on your business’ investment. Astron Technology works with the world’s leading IT vendors to provide: Traditional IT compute solutions, Virtual compute solutions, Software-defined compute solutions, Pre-validated appliances, 

System-on-chip compute solutions and Cloud solutions.

With our 16 years’ experience as a preferred systems integrator in the ANZ market, we have designed and delivered as many different compute platforms as we have clients. No two client environment are the same. Our approach is to discover the business and technical requirements of each of our clients, and tailor build a solution that suits their needs. Key to successful implementation of a hybrid compute solution is simplifying management. We work with single pane of glass management platforms to enable your IT administrators and managers to work efficiently and collaboratively.



In today’s information economy, data is key. Being able to store, analyse and retrieve data securely and effectively allows many organizations to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. At Astron Technology we offer a full range of storage solutions including: Primary storage, Backup recovery and archiving, Replication and disaster recovery and Data analytics and governance.

Astron Technology recognizes that not all data is of equal value to the business. We offered flexible, tiered solutions to ensure choice without compromise. We place the most critical application data sets on storage tiers optimized for performance, and place less critical data sets on more cost effective tiers – all with a common set of federated data services and consistent administration practices underlining them. With the ongoing explosion of data within organizations, efficiency has never been more important. We deliver platforms with industry leading compression, deduplication and thin provisioning technologies to ensure that your storage investments are as lean and effective as possible. Through our software defined storage and storage virtualization technologies, you can upgrade your existing platforms with the latest in storage technologies.



Not certain if you need to upgrade your network?

Our Network Performance Services include performance tuning and network capacity planning analysis, which enables you to accurately assess your options and then forecast for future upgrades and refreshes.

Astron Technology strives to help our clients take advantage of new opportunities and plan for network and enterprise expansion.

The expansion of information technology requires advanced infrastructure product knowledge regarding the design, implementation, seamless product procurement, and world-class delivery of implementation services and support. Without those key components, your infrastructure can inhibit the development of your business instead of empowering it.

Astron Technology maintains premier partnerships with the leading infrastructure manufacturers of the new economy. Our engineers hold the highest certifications in the industry, so you can trust that Astron Technology will offer the best solution for your expansion plan, with our skills in; Consulting, Design and Implementation of Premise Equipment, Management Applications across Multiple Platforms, Software Defined Networking, Infrastructure Cabling and Integration across Multiple Platforms.

Converged Systems


Data centres built one-silo-at-a-time are inefficient and inflexible. Astron Technology offers a range of Converged  integrated infrastructure solutions that give you the agility to adapt to business and customer needs.

HPE Synergy is the world’s first platform architected for composable infrastructure. Fully adaptable and ready for everything, HPE Synergy is a new hybrid IT engine built to future-proof your data center for today’s workloads and tomorrow’s disruptors.


HPE SimpliVity 380 with OmniStack combines the industry’s most complete hyperconverged solution with the best-selling server platform on the market. Designed and optimized for modern virtual environments, HPE SimpliVity with OmniStack delivers all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads —including guaranteed data efficiency, built-in data protection, and VM-centric mobility—in a single, scalable 2U building block

Backup and Archive


The world is changing. Are you adapting? Major computing shifts mandate a new approach to backup and archive. Astron Technology’s visionary approach can help you establish a path to a fully converged backup, recovery and archive infrastructure. You get industry-leading scale and performance—plus new security enhancements and integration with major software providers.

How would you rate your data protection? Excellent? Moderate? Not enough? Data protection needs are growing exponentially. Tier-1 storage protection, no matter how solid, is not enough today to cover all the possibilities. Our answer is to bring primary and backup storage closer together with a single data protection architecture that offers flexible options covering a wide spectrum of recovery scenarios.

Astron Technology offers a range of Backup and Archive Solutions tailored to your needs, from the largest enterprise to SMB.