Astron Technology's  EaaS (Endpoint as a Service) can tranform the way you purchase and manage every aspect of your endpoint enviroment making the headaches of ownership and management of desktops, laptops, tablets and hand held devices a thing of the past.  

EaaS allows you total operational and financial flexibility with all hardware, software and services being charged on a per user/device cost per month on a single invoice.  SLA driven services, customised from an à la carte menu of services, ensure EaaS is tailored exactly to your current business requiremements.  EaaS provides complete lifecycle management of your end user device fleet  handling everything from acquistion, deployment, SOE, security and application standards through to maintenance and ultimately decomissioning and disposal. 

The development of EaaS is the culmination of Astron Technology's two decades of experience servicing the endpoint needs of some of Australia's largest and most demanding organisations. For more information on how EaaS can solve your endpoint headaches please contact us today at or 1300 659 270.