Endpoint as a Service

Companies are wrestling with the challenge of efficiently, and securely delivering applications and "desktop" services, to what is becoming an ever more mobile workforce. Traditionally, applications have been installed locally on fixed desktop devices, tying users, along with their services and data to the confines of their office environment, and more specifically that one machine.

Should a new team member join the workforce, a new device must be procured, installed, configured; a considerable cost to the business. Then, what happens with a new version of the operating system? How can we upgrade all of our machines ensuring employees still have access to their applications and services, and are able to function?

What if you need to expand your team for a specific campaign or period, and then scale down again once the event is complete? Do you lease machines? Do you keep some spares in the cupboard?

What do all of the above have in common? Cost. Further, a cost that at best diminishes, or at worst is far greater than the business benefit the chosen solution delivers.

The Solution

Astrontech Endpoint as a Service (EaaS) is an approach to deliver an end user experience exceeding that of traditional fixed desktops, yet accessible from any connected device, anywhere, and at a cost per month that will underpin any business case, Astrontech EaaS.

  • Astrontech EaaS is a fully functional, fully managed hosted desktop, laptop or tablet. You can scale up, or scale down your subscription month to month, delivering true desktop on demand services.
  • By moving your endpoint services to the cloud, you can focus on what’s important to your business and leave the heavy lifting to EaaS.