Decommissioning and Disposal

A solution that matches your security needs, assures data has been destroyed and also meets high system standards

100% secure destruction of data and hardware. We treat the sanitisation of systems and deletion of client data seriously and understands the sensitive nature of this function. Not only is client specific data a concern, but there may be software licensing issues associated with operating systems or applications left on a client’s assets.

We provide 100% guaranteed secure data destruction using various methods including data wiping software, hard drive degaussing and physical shredding facilities. In addition to disk wiping, all client-related information, such as asset stickers or identifying labels, can be removed during the sanitisation process.

We work to the highest global standards of data destruction which ensures that your brand and data is respected and protected. We can provide our clients with a signed Data Wipe Certificate stating the asset serial number, description and the date/time the data sanitisation was performed.



Maximum value from your old computer equipment

We are turning your old IT equipment into revenue! Often businesses do not have the experience, time or resources to manage the disposal of assets. We take responsibility for disposal, including sale of marketable assets, with the aim of providing maximum recovery for our clients to environmentally safe disposal of assets with a zero market value.

We sell your refurbished products direct to dealers, resellers and end users which allow us to sell quickly and gain the highest possible return for you. Our global relationships ensures a greater reach when matching your refurbished IT equipment to the most suitable buyer. Prior to resale each asset is cleaned, tested, securely data wiped and re-packaged. All identifying stickers and asset tracking numbers are removed.

We make sure that 100% of your data is wiped from all of your data bearing IT and electronic assets before it is resold.


Complete e-waste recycling solutions

Our focus is to minimise the environmental footprint of old equipment. Wherever possible, we aim to do this by extending the asset’s life through managing its reuse/redeployment.

Given the energy and material resources embedded in IT equipment, we believe this provides the greatest environmental benefit. However, if there is no further useable value in the equipment we ensure it is environmentally recycled in processes that meet best international standards.

We offer e-waste recycling services, using specialist e-waste recyclers that are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Since it is a better outcome for the environment, we arrange for re-use of equipment first wherever possible, either as fully working systems or for parts. Items with no further use go through a ‘used electronic waste’(e-Waste) recycling process as prescribed under the Federal Hazardous Waste Act of 1989 and the guidelines of the Basel Convention (1994).

Processing complies with Australian Local, State and Federal laws and is conducted in an environmentally controlled way, eliminating or waste to landfill.

A certificate of disposal with accompanying detailed report is provided.