Apple Device Enrolment Program

Astron Technology offers an Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) which helps businesses easily deploy and manage iOS and OS X devices.  DEP provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy institutionally owned iPad, Mac and iPhone products to an existing Mobile Device Management program (MDM).

Program Features

DEP simplifies the initial setup of devices by automating the MDM enrolment and supervision of devices during setup and enabling end user organizations to manage the devices without touching the device.

Zero Touch Configuration

With DEP, large scale deployments of iPad, iPhone and Mac products can be seamless for IT departments.   They can automate enrolment for every device, so upon activation customers can immediately configure account settings, apps and access to IT services over the air.  There is no need for staging services and no need for IT to physically access each device to complete the setup.

Mandatory and Lockable MDM Enrolment

DEP enables an end user organization to automatically manage all of its institutionally owned devices.  While completing the Setup Assistance the device can be preconfigured to require automatic enrolment into MDM.   This ensures that devices are configured based on the customer organizations requirements and guarantees that all users get the same setup on their hardware.  The end user organization can also lock users’ devices into MDM for ongoing management.

Streamlined Setup Assistance

DEP makes it even easier to setup users on iPad, iPhone and Mac.  After devices are configured through the MDM solution, users are guided through the activation process with the built in Setup Assistance.   The Setup Assistance can be streamlined even further by specifying that certain screens be skipped.

Wireless Supervision

Supervision provides a higher level of device management for institutionally owned iOS devices.  It allows additional restrictions – such as turning off iMessage, AirDrop or Game Centre – and it provides additional device configurations and features such as web content filtering and single-app mode.   With DEP, you can wirelessly enable supervision mode on a device as a part of the setup process.

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