Astron Technology has an Electronic Procurement system known as "E-Procure". It directly and securely connects you and your staff members to the Astron Technology E-Procure System. It is more than just a shopping cart as it is tailored to meet your company standards based procurement needs and is highly customisable with multiple levels of requisitioning. It is available at no additional cost to customers of Astron Technology.

If you are an "E-Procure" customer CLICK HERE and login with your username and password.

Would you like a Preview?

If you are interested in becoming an "E-Procure" Customer, and would like a preview of the system please contact one of our sales team. An interim guest account can be set up for you with appropriate functionality to meet your specific needs.


The system has several features that can be turned on or off depending on the needs of your company. They include:

  • Customisable Catalogues
  • Self Manageable User Security
  • Quoting Area
  • Order History Area
  • Built in Requisitioning
  • Customisable User Order Limits
  • Email Notifications

Customisable Catalogues

  • You can browse through over 60,000 items in our Full Catalogue.
  • You can browse your self maintained Standard Catalogue. Use this as a Personal "Favourite Products" location OR as a company wide subset of products, that have been approved for use on your network.
  • The catalogue is updated daily, direct from our distributors and Vendors ensuring up to date pricing and stock information

Self Manageable User Security

You can nominate a Primary Contact for your company who will be responsible for administering your company's user access capabilities. The Primary Contact can create online user accounts for staff members and decides whether a staff member can:

  • Use the system
  • Browse the Full Catalogue OR Standard Catalogue OR both
  • Create new online users for the company
  • Change, add and delete delivery addresses
  • Place orders
  • Authorise requisitions
  • Modify the Standard Catalogue contents
  • View peer orders and/or quotes

Quoting Area

Contains open quotes, either created by Staff Members OR by your Astron Sales person. They remain here until deleted or lodged as an order

Order History Area

Allows you to get Real time reports on the status of any outstanding or historical order

Built in Requisitioning

You can force individuals or all staff members to have their order requests authorised by a specified person/s. The authoriser will receive an email notifying them that an order awaits their approval. The staff member will receive an email notifying them of who is responsible for authorising their order. The staff member will also receive notification when the order has been approved or denied.

Customisable User Order Limits

The maximum total value of any order can be set to a pre-defined limit for all or individual staff members. You may also elect to limit the maximum price per single item that a staff member may order. Any instance that exceeds these predefined thresholds will raise a flag for the staff member, notifying them that they will be unable to place this order due to exceeding the limit. This feature is best used in conjunction with Requisitioning. An order that a staff member cannot lodge themselves can be lodged as a requisition request instead, and go through the Requisitioning process.

Email Notifications

All transactions and requests initiate email confirmations. Email messages are generated when:

  • An order is submitted
  • A quote is submitted
  • A requisition is raised
  • A requisition is denied or authorised.