Fast-track with HP ConvergedSystem

In today’s information economy, data is key. Being able to store, analyse and retrieve data securely and effectively allows many organizations to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

At Astron Technology we offer a full range of storage solutions including:

  • Primary storage

  • Backup recovery and archiving

  • Replication and disaster recovery

  • Data analytics and governance

Astron Technology recognizes that not all data is of equal value to the business. We offered flexible, tiered solutions to ensure choice without compromise. We place the most critical application data sets on storage tiers optimized for performance, and place less critical data sets on more cost effective tiers – all with a common set of federated data services and consistent administration practices underlining them.

With the ongoing explosion of data within organizations, efficiency has never been more important. We deliver platforms with industry leading compression, deduplication, and thin provisioning technologies to ensure that your storage investments are as lean and effective as possible.

Through our software defined storage and storage virtualization technologies, you can upgrade your existing platforms with the latest in storage technologies.

To find the right Storage solution for your requirements please contact us.