Cloud Solutions

In the cloud, everything is a service


Cloud solutions have become prevalent in the last few years.  While many organisations recognise the core benefits of the cloud, there remains a level of uncertainty about how to leverage the cloud. Astron Technology can provide guidance as organisations evaluate cloud solutions as part of their overall IT service delivery strategy to drive business results more efficiently.

Cloud solutions provide a rich, new source for bringing technology-enabled services to your business. Massively scalable services no longer need to be delivered only by internal or outsourced data centres. Instead, they can be delivered by cloud service providers via their vast computing resources. At Astron Technology, we provide services that allow you to move workloads into the cloud in a way that returns maximum business value. The types of cloud services that we offer include:

  • Private Cloud – allows our customers to deliver business value with efficiencies and agility by providing an orchestration layer on top of existing or new on premise infrastructure.
  • Public Cloud – leverages the cost benefits provided by the scale of specialist cloud service providers.
  • Hybrid Cloud – an orchestration of Private and Public Clouds that puts the workload where it makes commercial sense.

Managed and Unmanaged. Any of the above can delivered with monitoring and management by Astron Technology as required.   Let Astron Technology support your path to the cloud. For further information, please contact us.