Project Management

The creative minds and technical expertise at Astron Technology provide you with solutions that can help your organisation reach its goals. Our portfolio of scalable, high-availability services include storage and management, desktop and mobile services, and network and Internet services.

Our "Big Picture" Approach

Astron Technology's approach combines leading-edge techniques, advanced methodologies, innovative design, and proven project management methods. Our goal is to develop complete solutions that are seamlessly integrated with your technology infrastructure.

Our approach looks at the "big picture" of your infrastructure, intranet and Internet presence. In a typical project, we will:


  • Analyse your existing systems and business needs and develop a tailored strategy to help you meet identified needs;
  • Develop a site plan and component-based information structure;
  • Create the migration plans necessary to accomplish your goals;
  • Monitor ongoing progress;
  • Build the system using leading-edge technology, and integrate various technologies to maximise ease-of-use and business functionality;
  • Test and pilot the system;
  • Migrate to production and monitor and maintain the system as needed.