When making decisions faster than the competition means the difference between survival and success, you can count on Astron Technology's professional services to deliver comprehensive services and solutions with real business value and reduced risk.

Our professional service architects have proven track records in designing solutions that can handle the complexities inherent in enterprise IT environments. Because they understand your business goals and business problems, they can help map out an enterprise solutions strategy, provide technical leadership and technical credibility - and help you plan, design, and configure a solution from beginning to end, with reduced risk.

Consulting Services, IT consulting, Systems integration, Network services, Technology planning/assessment, PC application, Project management/implementation, Installation and start-up services, just to name a few. We'll provide the exact professional services your company needs.

Needs assessment

We help you map your business goals to technology, organisational structure, and processes to ensure successful results.


We help set the right expectations in terms of budget, staffing and project completion time.


We architect and build solutions that meet current needs and offer flexibility for future growth.

Business Continuance

Our proactive engineers ensure that the needs of the most demanding mission-critical environments are met.

Storage assessment

We assess your current environment, determine storage requirements and make recommendations for storage optimisations based on technology and business needs.

Storage configuration

We assess your requirements for applications, databases and operating systems, as well as create logical units optimised for RAID type, spindle count and capacity.

Storage Migration

We develop a migration plan to move data from direct attached storage to SAN technology.

Implementation Services

Our implementation team provides installation of hardware and software, systems integration, testing, and production. To minimize client inconvenience, we take care of the details at our integration and testing facility. Our services team ensures comprehensive project management, compliance testing and final documentation of the completed project.

Systems integration

We order, receive and integrate your system/storage solution at our state-of-the-art integration facility in Sydney, NSW. We manage all aspects of the integration so you don't have to.


Once your solution is built, we can test your system based on our highest quality control measures. We can then ship a fully integrated and tested solution to the customer site.


Once at the customer's site, we can remain on-site until all systems are up and running and the customer is completely satisfied.