No Fault Products Return Procedure


The following provisions will apply in respect of the return of No Fault Products by the customer to Astrontech in accordance with clause 9 of the Customer Terms:

  • No Fault Products

A 'no fault' product is a Product returned by the Customer to Astrontech in circumstances where the return is not due to the fault of Astrontech or any fault with the Product.

  • Product sold on a "No Returns Basis"
  1. Astrontech is entitled to supply certain Products on a "No Returns Basis".
  2. The expression 'No Returns Basis' means that Astrontech will not accept returns on No Fault Products.
  3. To the extent permitted by law, Astrontech reserves the right to apply the No Returns Basis policy to any promotional or sales product (s) as it deems necessary. Astrontech will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure such products are clearly promoted as being sold only on a No Returns Basis.
  • Returns Procedure
  1. Customer must supply:
    1. Astrontech Invoice Number
    2. Astrontech Product Code
    3. Quantity of the product(s) that needs to be returned
    4. Serial Number for each product that needs to be returned Customer's
    5. Proof of Purchase for each product that needs to be returned
    6. Manufacturer's pre-authorisation number if applicable
  2. Once the Returns Representative has identified the Product for the return, the Customer will be issued with an RA number. This number must be used in all correspondence relating to the product.
  3. All products returned for credit must be in a pristine and unopened condition with all seals intact. All inward freight will be the responsibility of the customer. Astrontech will not cover the cost of freight on returned products and will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by the customer.